Descriptions of Harvard Club Committees 2022-2023

Events Committee

The Events Committee is responsible for putting together a calendar of Club events for each year, which runs from September to September.  Committee members suggest ideas and solicit ideas for educational and social events from other officers and Club members.  Committee members may themselves be responsible for planning and executing a given event; they may support others in planning and executing; or they may facilitate the planning and execution of an event by another officer or member.  Examples of Club events in prior years include:  viewing the Harvard-Yale football game, Lunar New Year celebration, December holiday party, TedX talk event, Harvard-Yale softball game, exclusive visits to museums or theatre productions, and a Winter Seminar presented by a visiting Harvard faculty member.


Service Committee

Members of the Service Committee focus on planning activities and events that focus on service and involvement in the local community.  Such activities may include working with local not-for-profit organizations on a one-off basis, and awareness events to educate Club members about issues in the community.  Some Service Committee members may serve on a subcommittee to help choose a recipient for a Summer Community Fellowship, from among applicants.  In addition, the Service Committee has had working groups who meet to discuss Early College Awareness and Educational Disparities, and look for ways for the Club to assist in these areas.


Membership Engagement, and Communications Committee

The Membership Engagement and Communications Committee is responsible for recruiting Club members through annual and periodic outreach; maintaining a record of members; and periodically reviewing the Club’s membership levels and policies, and making recommendations to the Board about changes to them.  The Committee also maintains the Club’s web presence, and acts as the conduit for communicating with members regarding Club news and events.  These activities are accomplished primarily through electronic means, so those involved should be comfortable with digital tools.  Because all Club events and activities are promoted to Club members by the Membership Engagement and Communications Committee, the Committee must coordinate with those planning such events and activities.


Young Alumni Committee

Members of the Young Alumni Committee focus on planning events and activities that will be of particular interest to young (under 35) Harvard alumni, and that will give young alumni an opportunity to socialize with other young alumni in the St. Louis area.  The Committee also coordinates the annual “Welcome to Your City” event sponsored by the Harvard Alumni Association.  Past Young Alumni events have included happy hours, bowling, and trivia nights.  In planning events, the Young Alumni Committee may partner with other committees, such as the Service Committee.


Harvard Business School (HBS) Alumni Committee

The HBS Alumni Committee plans events built around the interests and needs of HBS graduates.  These events are also open to all Club members.  Past events have included prominent speakers on business-oriented matters, and networking nights.


Harvard Prize Book Committee

The Prize Book Committee coordinates the presentation of the Harvard Prize Book to area high schools interested in presenting the book to an outstanding junior.  Some schools request a Club member attend the presentation ceremony and present the book to the recipient; committee members participate in doing so, and help identify other Club members to make such presentations.


Schools & Scholarships Committee

The Schools and Scholarships Committee is responsible for coordinating alumni interviews of regional applicants to Harvard College. The Committee chair acts as a liaison with the Harvard College admissions office, recruits Club members to act as interviewers, and coordinates resources, training and efforts by multiple vice-chairs to help coordinate our interviewing efforts from November through March. The Committee chair also oversees both online and in-person interview processes ensuring that interview reports are submitted by early action and regular action deadlines. All Committee members provide support, conduct alumni interviews, and prepare interview reports.

EEG (Educational Equities Group):
The Educational Equities Group is a committee that attempts to address the glaring inequities in the K-12 educational systems here in the St. Louis area. As natives of St. Louis and products of our public school system, we can see how the system has changed since our time here. Many of today’s students do not appear to have the same advantages that we had. Having gone on to experience higher education in Ivy League schools, we know how important a good, solid foundation is. This committee is dedicated to understanding what is missing and what can be done about it. We want to assist in getting students on the track to excellent fundamental skills that will do two things:
First, provide a strong and powerful base for further, higher level education for those interested in college and beyond. 
Second, provide the tools (STEM) for lucrative and productive jobs/careers for those who are not college bound.
We have partnered with a number of local school districts that will help guide us in these efforts. They have the students, they understand the needs, they know which levers to pull in order to gain the greatest long-term impact. 

ECA (Early College Awareness):
Early College Awareness is the other portion of this committee. ECA partners with AIM HIGH, a national, not for profit middle school enrichment program. They are an organization that encourages students to consider a college career at an early age and to begin the preparation for it. We assist AIM HIGH in terms of providing speakers and examples of career professionals that the students might consider.