Thurs, March 31, 2022 at 6:00PM

Wine Tasting: Old World Wines vs. New World Wines Class

Available through In-Person Event (Grapevine Wines Kirkwood) or Zoom + Curbside pickup*

Old vs. New, The Empire vs. The Colonies, Europe vs. the rest of the world. However you want to slice it, wines taste different in part because of where the grapes are grown.

The best way to figure this out is to compare apples to apples. In this tasting, we will look at various pairs of wines grown in very different places: why does California Chardonnay taste different than white Burgundy? Are there similarities (or not) between Bordeaux and Napa Cabernet?

We will present several wine pairs to examine whether--and why--they showcase similarities and noticeable differences. Come and compare a few of these pairs to determine which style you like best.

This event will come with a selection of charcuterie that will be on shared plates if you attend live, or will come in your kit if you are joining us virtually. 


Click here to purchase in-person tickets (for benefactor or patron member tickets, please contact Carrie Roy). Grapevine Wines requests in-person attendees be vaccinated. 

Click here to purchase virtual + kit pickup (1 serves 2+ people)


Date:  Thurs March 31, 2022
Time:  6:00PM
Location:  Zoom or In Person

 In-person $35/person (wines + charcuterie) 

 Online $60/~two people (wines + charcuterie)

Who:  Open to members, alumni and their guests
Inquiries:  For further info email

*If you would like to participate but curbside pickup of your virtual kit presents a challenge, please email Carrie (


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