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October 1, 2018


Dear Harvard Alumni in the St. Louis area,


The 2018-19 academic year is now well underway for the 6600 undergraduates and 14000 graduate and professional students at Harvard.  Since 1882, the Harvard Club of St. Louis (HCSL) has sought to help students and alumni of these programs connect with one another and maintain connections with Harvard.  We continue in the current academic year with a series of opportunities to connect and engage with one another, our community, and our alma mater.  These opportunities include:


Social Events.  Individually, and in connection with the St. Louis All-Ivy Committee, HCSL sponsors social events throughout the year. We currently have the following events planned for the fall:


October 12, 7-9 pm @Kerry Cottage:  Irish Folk Music with Helena Byrne

October 17, 6-830 pm @Giselle Marcus’ Residence:  HBS Alumni Global Networking Night

October 18, 430-630pm @Urban Chestnut:  Welcome to Your City mixer for Classes of 2004-18

November 17, 11am-2pm @Schneithorst Restaurant:  Viewing of 135th edition of THE GAME

December 18, 7-10pm @Harvey and Judy Harris’ Residence:  Holiday Gathering


If you are interested in joining our Events Committee, or if you simply have an idea for an event that would appeal to local Harvard Alumni, please contact Events Committee Chair Dirk Killen (dkillen@wustl.edu).


Interviewing.  As a service to the Harvard Admissions Office and to students in our area, our club coordinates alumni interviews for applicants to Harvard College.  Last year, club members interviewed more than 200 applicants from the St. Louis Metro area, Eastern Missouri, and Southern Illinois. We anticipate a large need for interviewing again this year.


If you interviewed last year, we will contact you shortly about our schedule for the coming application season.  If you did not interview last year, but would like to participate this year, please contact Schools and Scholarships Committee Chair Bill Morris (bizmedbill@gmail.com). Similarly, if you would be interested in serving on our Schools and Scholarships Committee, please contact Bill.


Impacting Education in St. Louis.  In addition to supporting Early College Awareness, HCSL expanded its areas of intended impact last year to include a focus on educational disparities in our region.  In the Spring of 2018, we formed an Educational Disparities Group, which sponsored a conference that drew over 100 people from the area.  More about this event can be found by clicking here.


This work continues.  If you are interested in Early College Awareness, the Educational Disparities Group, or HCSL-sponsored service opportunities in the area, please contact Service Committee Chair Mary Seager (maryseager@sbcglobal.net).


Harvard Business School Committee.  The HBS Committee seeks to connect business school alumni in the area and to sponsor events of interest to HBS alumni and others.  HBS Global Networking Alumni Night is October 17.  Look out for information about how to participate in this event in St. Louis.

If you are interested in the HBS Global Networking event or in joining the HBS Committee, please contact Gisele Marcus (gmarcus@stlouisregionalchamber.com).


Donations to Support Community Service Fellowships.  HCSL sponsors a $3000 summer fellowship for Harvard undergraduates to work in the St. Louis area on a community-oriented project that they propose.  We hope to increase the amount that we can provide for this fellowship in upcoming years.  Donations for this fellowship can be made through the HCSL website when joining or renewing a membership.  Alternatively they can be sent directly to HCSL Treasurer Henny Herbosa (herbosastl@gmail.com).  Please contact Henny for details.


Club Leadership.  As a volunteer organization with no professional staff, we are always in need of leaders to coordinate our activities, improve the programs we offer, and simply to keep ourselves afloat.  If you are interested in becoming more involved in the organization, please contact HCSL President, Dan Elfenbein (dan@elfenbein.net).


Finally, I’d like to make two requests.  My first request is that you renew your membership (or become a member for the first time).  For recent grads, memberships start at $15 / year, and for others, they begin at $45 / year.  While our events are open to non-members and members alike – and you are always welcome, member or not – our visibility within the community of Harvard alumni organizations is a function of our membership.  This visibility affects our ability to get speakers for annual events and has other benefits as well.  So, please (re-)join and become an official member.


[Click here to connect to the online new member form.  Click here to connect to the membership renewal form.  If you would like to receive a paper membership form, please contact Henny Herbosa (herbosastl@gmail.com). Dues are tax-deductible.]


Second, I’d like to ask for your feedback.  What can we do to make HCSL more relevant for you and for our community?  What can we do to make it easier to be a part of our organization?  HCSL has been active for 136 years.  My hope is that we will still be active 136 years from now, but to do so, we will need to adapt.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me via email (dan@elfenbein.net) or phone (314-935-8028) to share your thoughts.


Yours truly,


Dan Elfenbein, AB ’94 PhD ‘04


Harvard Club of St. Louis