President: Carolyn K. Lesorogol, AB '87


Immediate Past President and Director: Nancy Y. Reynolds, AB '89


           Past President and Director: David Montani, AB '91


                               Schools and Scholarships Chair: Daniel W. Elfenbein, AB '94, AM '01, PhD '04


                                           Vice-President, Communications: Dirk M. Killen, AB '82, AM '86, PhD '94 

                                           Vice-President, Early College Awareness: Mary V. Seager, AB '64, MAT '70

                                           Vice-President, Harvard Book Prize: Mark Smith, AB '82

                                           Vice-President, Young Alumni: Alexandra Thomas, EdM '13 


     Secretary and Director: R. William Morris, AB '68


     Treasurer and Director: Eugenio G. Herbosa, MMSci '85


      Web Administrator: Risa B. Brown


     Harvard Business School Liaison: Robert Collins, MBA '76


     All-Ivy Coordinator and Director: Henry P. Biggs, AB '86


    Chair, Schools and Scholarships: Daniel W. Elfenbein, AB '94,


    HAA Liaison and Director:  Lawrence S. Carson, AB '93